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The Optimistic Artist helps driven creatives who are overwhelmed by the mystery of “making it” go from feeling stuck, unsupported and underpaid to confident, connected business owners with an audience who are excited to buy their work. From failing print artist to an artist with 5 sold out collections and a community lining up to buy her work, host Monique Storey focuses on helping you see what’s possible no matter what season of life you find yourself in. How do I price my work? How do I sell my art online? How do I reach art collectors? What’s the key to art marketing? Where do I even begin?! It can feel like a lot to navigate the art business world on your own. Each episode will bring the clarity, strategy and inspiration you need to turn that art hobby of yours into a thriving art business. Hit subscribe to hear from Monique and many other experts in the field who can help you find your next step. Art marketing, productivity hacks, artist mindset, finances, failures and family; hit subscribe, join the conversation and discover what’s possible on the Optimistic Artist.

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Monday Feb 26, 2024

If you’re wondering where to next in your art business, this episode will take you through some helpful how to’s when it comes to reflecting on your past season and deciding where to next.  I share what’s next for me and we chat about how to to make decisions for your next season that will leave you feeling confident, full of clarity and a lot more likely to achieve what you set out to do.
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Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

If every part of my art business disappeared and I could choose just one aspect to rely on, my email list would be it!  I’d take 1 email subscriber over 1000 Instagram followers. Every. Day. Of. The. Week. In this week's Q and A episode I chat about What on earth to write about in your emails as an artist."
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Highlights of this weeks episode:
How to write a killer welcome sequence that pulls your reader in
The importance of automation so that you can keep making connections and sales on autopilot.
A bunch of ideas for what to write emails about.
Tips for making sure that your emails actually convert to sales.
I also dish out a 50% discount code for the email service provider I use after a kajillion hours of research.
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Monday Jul 31, 2023

Who doesn't love a good come back story! This week's episode has a good one as I chat to Amanda Van Gils from The Artist Business Lounge. In this episode, Amanda shares her inspiring journey, and we delve into the crucial role that mindset plays in our success as artists.
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Lessons from a solo gallery show.

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

This episode is a behind the scenes look at my recent solo gallery show. If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind bringing a solo exhibition to life, this episode is going to be your jam. I talk about everything from how I got the opportunity to get into a gallery, my planning process, my pricing strategies, and my top marketing techniques for what was a really successful show. If you’re an artist seeking gallery opportunities, you’ve got a show coming up or you’ve ever wondered that it’s like to put on a solo exhibition, follow the podcast for this and other episodes bringing my artist perspective.
Free Resource- Story that Sells: Learn how to use your story to turn followers into loyal collectors. 
Want to know more about how to approached galleries when you're starting out?
Check out Cassandra’s work who uses morse code.

Sunday Jul 02, 2023

This week's question was around how to approach galleries when you're first starting out. I share my personal journey from emerging artist having no clue to gallery representation and doing a solo show. During this episode I highlight the steps I took throughout my journey and how I believe they contributed to the incredible opportunities I've had with galleries over the past few years.
If you're looking for some practical tips for starting your gallery experience or looking to strengthen your presence in the gallery scene, this episode is for you.
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Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

In today's episode, I sit down with Laura Brandon, an experienced art consultant and mentor with over two decades of experience in the art world. We discuss the traits that set successful artists apart, navigating gallery partnerships, and alternative paths to boost your art career. Follow the podcast for an inspiring conversation packed with practical advice and don’t forget to check out the show notes.

Tuesday Jun 13, 2023

The  first Optimistic Artist Q&A episode! Every fortnight I go live on instagram answering your questions in detail. In this episode, we tackle the question that every artist asks: how to find consistent buyers for your art. Join me as I share personal experiences and valuable insights on how to keep the art sales coming in. At the end I share a new strategy that's been a game changer for me.
Discover your story and tell it in a a way that sells.
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Monday May 22, 2023

A little update from me about why I've been MIA
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Monday Apr 03, 2023

Did you know that my email list is my number one driver of art sales? If every part of my art business disappeared and I could choose just one aspect to rely on, my email list would be it! In this episode I chat with art mentor Cycy Recoura about the power of an email list to drive sales. She tells her story about when Instagram just wasn’t working, her email art newsletter transformed her business. We chat everything from how to get started, how to get people on your list and what to write. If you’re wondering how to make better connections with collectors that lead to sales, this episode if for you!
Be sure to check out the SHOWNOTES to connect with Cycy and grab some of the resources we chat about in this episode.

Price your art with ease.

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

One of the most frequently asked question is “How do I price my work?” And I get it. It’s hard because it feels so subjective, right? Well in this episode I'm going to help you see that there's not as many subjective grey areas as you might think. If self doubt and confusion has you grabbing numbers out of the air, then this episode (and the attached free pricing guide) is going to bring you so much joy. I cover everything pricing from prints, to commissions to a super handy little formula to help guide you as you price your work. I also share my new free resource “Pricing your art with ease” which you can download below.
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